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Be your own kind of Beautiful​

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Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent makeup, also referred to as Cosmetic tattooing, or Micropigmentation, is created by implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. I use the highest quality of pigments, and State of the Art tattooing machinery, or "Harmony" Microblading tools. Permanent Cosmetics will enhance your features and allows you to be ready for your day, ensuring that you will look your natural best at all times with minimal effort.

Whether you want a solid brow, micro bladed brow strokes, or Ombre' brows, eyeliner, lip liner, or solid lips, I will work with you to give you "Your Style", and create a beautiful look that will enhance the look you already have.

At "Your Style Permanent Makeup and Nails"  I will work with you to design a custom look that reflects your personal style.

Permanent Makeup Before-And-After Pictures

Note that color will soften about 20-40% once healed

Before and After Eyeliner

Before and After Eyebrows

Before Eyebrow Strokes

Directly After Procedure

4 Weeks Healed

Before and after Full Lip Color

Price List for Permanent Makeup

Each new service typically takes two appointments. 

The following prices include two appointments unless noted. 

You should plan on approximately two hours for each appointment.

  • Eye Liner: $400
  • Top or bottom liner only $325
  • Eyebrows: $400
  • Lip Liner: $400
  • Color boost or retouch $225 per visit 
  • Full Lips: (typically 2 to 3 visits): $550
  • Lip Retouch/Color Boost:  $300

Call 269-330-8411 today to

schedule an appointment. 

Consultations are Free.